What is Reggio Inspired Expressive Arts


My interest started when I came upon this description of atelierista duties on the Esprit Scholen website, a Reggio inspired German pre-school web site. 

Esprit Scholen offered their descriptions of the Reggio inspired atelier and the atelierista:

The atelierista oversees the atelier, the core of the Reggio Emilia approach, and its main highlight. A large art studio within the school, the atelier is equipped and organized with a broad variety of materials, well sorted and accessible to the children. The atelier serves two functions:

It offers a place for children to become masters of all kinds of techniques, such as painting, drawing, working with light and shadows, and modeling clay; 

it also helps teachers understand how children invent autonomous vehicles of expressive and cognitive freedom. Besides the large school atelier, each classroom space is equipped with a mini-atelier: the quantity of work and products to be displayed and the acquisition of new technological tools created the need for these satellites.


With special qualifications in art education, the atelierista can help teachers see the visual possibilities of themes and projects that might not be so apparent to them. The atelierista helps the other teachers and the children to organize and carry out large ongoing projects as well as smaller independent activities  


The consultant, atelierista-

meets with the teachers several times a day, showing them how to introduce new concepts to the children, stimulate their curiosity, and guide them on possible paths of learning; efforts are made to circulate new ideas among all the teachers. It is also the atelierista’s role to provide workshops for documentation and serve as the main editor and designer of the documentation of the work done at school. 


Umbrella Tree Therapies and Coaching is adapting these key characteristic of the Reggio Emilia atelierista and the atelier into its coaching approach. 


For further reading: 

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