Artist for Provocations

This example of an emerging curriculum is designed for the studio and classroom teacher. It can also be used by the parent in developing art education, social-emotional learning, and development in the home. To learn these steps and support schools and families is a part of my coaching technique. It is a present moment and fluid method.
Incorporating art as an emerging curriculum should not be confused with therapy as defined by the expressive arts therapy and art therapy practices. This page describes the a form of educational design that is centered around the expressive: arts:
music, visual arts, poetry, drama, dance, and storytelling


stickers all over the walls .What room or table couldyou let children use?   This idea  comes from an exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum,St. Paul. Mn.

Using light

Emerging into another mode-using the overhead-but  still using the dot idea .  Keep both areas or materials available so children can access and move back and forth with their ideas.

Melted Crayon