Expressive Arts Coaching for  your  School


  Support for classroom teachers and their educational support system


During this important time of serious decision-making regarding the reopening of schools, school personnel can use Expressive Arts Coaching to facilitate group discussions and/or individual teacher discussions to reach a creative approach to solutions. 

This type of coaching is very systematic in its process development and teaches methods for the participants to find original and specific goals.


 By using the art portion of this coaching approach they will be able to look at solutions faster and more creatively.


Expressive Arts Coaching in Schools explained:

 The Coach facilitates and supports-

      Groups and Individual Teachers as they:

  • examine existing systems
  • explore needs
  • develop goals and objectives  for transition

Combining the Arts in the coaching process

     Using the Expressive Arts adds to the examining, the exploring and the supporting by using visual tools:

  1. -the art-making process to discover steps to solutions
  2. -graphic facilitation for recognizing steps to solutions 

Umbrella Tree Therapies also offers project- based and emerging curriculum support  in the classroom.

 *Note: Fees are negotiable during the current environment of critical health and educational concerns.