Umbrella Tree Therapies Provides

In School

  Connie works in school in one to one settings or in small groups.Umbrella Tree Services is a special education related service.

In the Home

Connie will work in the home with a child which provides another way to work closely with the parent .

Parent and Teacher Support

Parent and Teacher in-services and creative sessions are available for Parent nights or Teacher in services.  

  Free Introduction sessions are now available to schools and non-profits.  Please call 763-307-2719 for more information and session titles.


» All Major Credit cards
» Sliding Scale Payments
» Money Order
» Checks
» Cash
» Other (call to inquire)

School support:

. Parents, Teachers, Caregivers and Guardians considering special education for their child are encouraged to explore expressive arts therapy as a related service when writing the Individual Education Plan.  Questions? Please call 763-307-2719.