What should I do about school?   My home?    My child's life?  My Life?


These are the questions you are probably  asking yourself  as schools begin to open.



 How can I decide? 

This is the question Umbrella Tree Parent Coaching can help you answer. Remember this is something parents have never had to face before. We are all developing patterns regarding safety as we go along. 

Umbrella  Tree Coaching will help you develop a path:

 for Parental decision making


Possible ways to develop a sound decision: and organize all the daily information:


 take a look at your child- your family-- your home --your self

   Steps to decide on your child's educational environment:                   

develop these questions Who? what? Where? when? Why? how? to answer the topics below

  •  look at COVID research what do the scientists say-
  •  look at your community
  •  research your school plans


  1. develop a list of priorities
  2. develop timelines
  3. develop goals
  4. develop an ongoing support system



  Finally: Develop Your very own Plan